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ICC PLAN REVIEW SERVICES - Code Consulting & Inspection Services is a firm offering a wide variety of services including chapter 1 (code) inspections, IBC chapter 17 special inspections, residential/commercial inspections, and code consultations. - THIRD PARTY INSPECTIONS

ICC Plan Review Services

Here at CC&I, we can assist your building department when help is needed.  Plan reviewers have a tough job! Communicating with a wide range of users, ensuring that codes are met and doing so in a time sensitive manner are not easy.  If you have a challenging review, the amount of plan reviews you have been overwhelming or if sitting down is not an option due to inspection request, we can help.

Digital iPlan Table Review

We understand the need for the process to be as smooth as possible, which is why all we need is a digital submittal.  This means no scanning, printing or shipping on your end. Additionally, we offer our review utilizing Bluebeam on our new iPlan Table.  This allows us to provide you service using an efficient process with the latest technology.

Experienced Plan Reviewers

Our ICC plans examiners are all ICC Master Code Professionals that have a vast amount of experience in each occupancy type.  With many years of experience our examiners are able to assist with the needs of any department. Our team members know that providing a great service to our client is very important, but safety for the public is number one.  Representing you with a level of professionalism is key and our experience ensures this to be accomplished.

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