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Code Consulting & Inspection Services is a firm offering a wide variety of services including chapter 1 (code) inspections, IBC chapter 17 special inspections, residential/commercial inspections, and code consultations.

About Us

Code Consulting & Inspection Services is a firm offering a wide variety of services including chapter 1 (code) inspections, IBC chapter 17 special inspections, residential/commercial inspections, and code consultations. Our team is well qualified to provide clients with the service their projects deserve with ICC certified inspectors, registered code enforcement officers, and professional engineers. Not only is our team qualified, but well experienced with over 50 years of service and hundreds of completed projects. We pride ourselves with providing thorough inspections, appropriate documentation, and timely report delivery to inform our client about projects without delay.


We can assist any private or government construction project including services for the Office of School Facilities (OSF) and the Office of State Engineer (OSE), which build South Carolina public schools and other state owned facilities. Our team has performed inspection services for over 500 of these facilities to date.

Who We Are

Our consultants provide consulting and inspection services for multiple state agencies, county/city building departments, individuals, and many companies in the private sector. CC&I Services, LLC is a firm based on integrity, quality, and providing all services at the highest level possible. Our Code Enforcement Officers are multi-certified by the International Code Council offering services in building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire disciplines.  All consultants average 15 hours per year of continuing education in order to stay current with code changes, revisions, and to increase knowledge on new building products.  We believe every member of our team makes us a success. 

The members of our team excel in building safety and are widely respected in our industry. Please take the time to review the experience and qualifications of our team.

Our Commitment

Construction is a team effort and without it, project completion cannot occur. Our company positions itself to operate as one with the client, general contractor, & design team by providing reliability, clear communication, and coordination support during the construction phase. Our policies ensure that serving our clients’ best interest is always our main focus—from start to finish.


Our knowledge and experience here at CC&I give us an advantage over other firms. But, our willingness to serve our clients is truly what sets us apart. Our team of professionals are a top choice for any client.