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Jennifer Willis CPT


Roebuck, SC

Jennifer is one of the major decision makers of CC&I. Her goals and beliefs keep the company in tune.  Every great company has a strong leader behind the scenes. Jennifer is ours.

Jennifer is the Chief Administrative Officer/ Primary Principal of CC&I. She previously was the officer manager of RCI for 7 years and has over 13 years of management experience. Now, she plays a vital role in the company managing accounting, payroll, and office production. She has created an optimistic outlook and attitude company-wide. Focused on the future, she has structured our internal online network to allow for a faster inspection process. Jennifer attended Greenville Technical College and the University of South Carolina Upstate. 

Jennifer has handled administration and clerical duties for over 500 projects with the Office of School Facilities and the Office of State Engineer. She knows what the client expects and speeds up production without a loss in quality.

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