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Code Consulting & Inspection - CONSTRUCTION QUALITY ASSURANCE Services is a firm offering a wide variety of services including chapter 1 (code) inspections, IBC chapter 17 special inspections, residential/commercial inspections, and code consultations. - CONSTRUCTION QUALITY ASSURANCE

Construction Quality Assurance

CC&I wants to ensure that you are getting what you pay for on every commercial project of which you are a part. The defines our construction quality assurance program. Are you concerned that the materials that were chosen in your plans and specifications didn't get installed? Quality assurance can help determine if the right products were installed, if products are defective, and if corners were cut. This could lead to potential credits for you the owner or designer.

How does CQA work?

We will come to your project upon request at the same stages as the local building inspector but prior to concealment of materials and products. We'll conduct a thorough evaluation and determine where you may have been shorted on what you deserve. Shortages could be found in any of the building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. 


Look at the example below? "There could be as many as 30 of these items found on a single commercial project." - Wayne Willis, CEO

Do You See the Difference in the Fittings Above?

The fittings above could have a cost differential of nearly $1.50 per fitting. What if you had 1,000 fittings on one project?

What is an Example?

Unfaced R11 thermal insulation for exterior walls was installed but specifications require foil faced R13 insulation.

Potential Savings for This One Item

Between $1,000 - $1500

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